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Kuhl's Flying Gecko - 0052
July 25, 2010 Atlanta, Ga, USA....Geckos from around the world.  The Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli)  also and more accurately called a gliding gecko,appear to grow to about 6 inches.  They are arboreal, and have skin adaptations such as webbed feet, extra flattened skin flaps and a vertically flat tail that can act as a rudder in short glides for movement or to escape predators.  Native to the area of South central Asia: Thailand, Northeastern India, south to Malaysia, Indonesia and Bornea.  Nocturnal hunters they eat insects, occasionally lizards and other small vertebrates and invertebrates.  Their coloration varies widely, but mostly ranges across bark-like colors and patterns, and it may change tone with their mood.